The Hidden Dangers of Teflon Coating


Teflon Coating has always been considered the leader in hard waring surface sprayed applications to 9902220-pan-isolated-on-whiteall kinds of cooking appliances to both domestic as well as commercial.

However, did you know that it only takes approximately two to five minutes on a standard conventional cook top for your beloved cookware containing Teflon Coating and many other non-stick surfaces to begin exceeding temperatures for which the coating literally breaks apart and separates emitting highly toxic gasses. Proven evidence has shown that cancer and other health problems are caused because of the emissions from synthetic compound production in non-stick cookware.The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has performed tests concluding that these highly toxic gasses are directly linked to numerous unknown human illnesses every year.

What does Teflon Coating contain? And the lab tests proving it unsafe.

Teflon contains ammonium perflurooctanoate better known as C-8 and it has been linked to some causes of cancer to organ damage and many other health issues.Now of course these test were all conducted on laboratory animals.

Other tests performed in strict University labs have shown Teflon, when heated reached 383 degrees celsius (721 degrees Farenheit) in only 5 minutes and this was measured with a commercial infrared thermometer. A Teflon manufacturer has also conducted their own controlled tests, and thier results were quite alarming to say the least. The tests showed that the off gasses of Teflon produced highly toxic emissions at only 230 degrees celsius (446 degrees Farenheit).

It has been well documented that at 360 degrees celsius (680 degrees Farenheit) 6 highly toxic gasses are released from pans containing Teflon Coating. These include MFA which is a chemical very lethal to humans at low doses, two carcinogens and two global pollutants.The manufacturers own controlled studies have shown that stove top drip pans can reach such temperatures as 537.8 degrees celsius (1000 degrees Farenheit). At this temperature the non stick coating will break down to a chemical warfare agent (PFIB) and also to a chemical analog of the WWII nerve gas phosgene.

Due to over whelmimg evidence immediately after such occurances had been detected many bird deaths are a direct result of it as stated below.

Teflon Coating is directly related to the death of birds.

  1. An oven brand name Amana was coated with a new Teflon Coating and was used to bake biscuits at 162.78 celsius (325 degrees Farenheit) and while the biscuits were baking the owner observed that all of his baby parrots had died.
  2. Drip pans with Teflon Coating was used to underline four stove top burners and were then pre-heated for a Thanksgiving dinner. It was noted that within a 15 minute period 14 birds had died.
  3. To catch the drippings under an oven broiler a no stick cookie sheet was used. Once again it was noted that this time 107 baby chicks were recorded dead.
  4. In another oven the self cleaning feature was used, and this case the pet in question was a $2000 bird who was later found to be dead.
  5. Over a period of seven years 7 bird deaths were recorded due to the use of set of Teflon coated pans which also included the egg poaching pan.
  6. In the last scenario 55 birds died when it was proven that water burned off of a hot pan with Teflon Coating had contributed to the birds dying.

It is with no surprise that after reading this article and carefully putting into context the evidence. Products with Teflon Coating will almost always be subjected to heat of some sought and therefor must be handled with the utmost care and close awareness to the temperatures it is being exposed to.

Please keep this in mind when considering Teflon Coating on products or else you should seek other alternatives for which the market place holds, such as stainless steel coated cook ware or cast iron.

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